Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy

(Insurance receipts provided. Direct billing available where applicable)

NAKAI Therapeutic Massage 60 min - $113
90 min - $155
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $216 (60 min)
Based on your unique needs, your Registered Massage Therapist will assess and treat the soft tissues of your body. We use the power of touch to balance, relax and release tension, resulting in stress relief, pain relief and improvements in well-being, limb function and sleep quality. Techniques used will be based on a thorough consultation and may include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage. Also offered as a Pre-Natal or Post-Natal Massage.
‘Get Stoned’ Therapeutic Massage 50 min - $113
80 min - $155
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $216 (50 min)
Enjoy a NAKAI Therapeutic Massage with the addition of hot basalt stones to aid in the release of deep-seated muscle tension and enhance skin hydration.
Focus Massage 45 min - $100
This therapeutic massage focuses on the areas we most keep our stress and tension—the neck, shoulders and upper back. If you would prefer your RMT to focus on another area instead, please indicate at the time of booking.
Indian Head Massage15 min - $29
Add-On to any Massage, Body Treatment or Facial


For Elite Registered Massage Therapists – Add 10% to the price of all services.

For all Body Essentials, Skin Care Rituals and Registered Massage Therapy: Our therapists may be working on your scalp with essential oils. We recommend booking a shampoo, wash and blow dry enhancement ($28+ no heat styling) with these experiences.