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Body Essentials

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Be Kind, Rewind Experience* 90 min - $176
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $352
This unique ritual will revive you from head to toe. The treatment begins with a back exfoliation followed by a deeply relaxing hot stone back massage. Enjoy a neck, shoulder and scalp massage to reduce tension and promote relaxation. A nourishing mini facial will re-energize the skin and leave you refreshed and revitalized. Complete the treatment with a foot massage and an application of cream to the legs to promote circulation and reduce water retention.
Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap* 90 min - $165
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $320
What is better than eating chocolate? Being chocolate! We use decadent dark cocoa powder which delivers potent antioxidants and increases levels of serotonin and endorphins. You’ll start your experience with a full-body exfoliation, we‘ll paint you with the NAKAI Signature self-warming chocolate truffle body masque and wrap you up. While wrapped, allow us to work on the two universal stress points of the body: the scalp and feet. Finish with a rainfall shower, and a pure cocoa butter body massage.
Beautifying Body Glow* 90 min - $142
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $274
A stimulating exfoliation treatment that uses the power of touch along with plant ingredients to rejuvenate the skin and senses. The treatment includes a full-body and foot salt scrub. After a refreshing rainfall shower, a restorative body massage using the decadent Aveda Beautifying Aroma completes this luxurious experience. Your silky skin will thank you!
Firm Body Peel & Wrap 90 min - $216
Give your body the exfoliation and nutrition it deserves with a HydroPeptide Apple Peel combined with microdermabrasion crystals and lactic acid. Begin by smoothing dry and dull skin followed by the nourishing benefits of a hydrating cranberry, pomegranate, and echinacea full-body wrap. Your therapist will use a special cupping technique to assist with inflammation, blood flow and skin tone. Finish with a peptide-enriched body massage that leaves skin perfectly smooth and hydrated. Improve skin tone, texture and hydration while protecting the skin against free radicals and stress.
Rebalancing Massage 50 min - $105
80 min - $146
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $210
A fusion of ‘east meets west’, this massage technique involves the use of hot basalt stones along with the use of aromas to stimulate the senses, relieve stress and improve circulation and range of movement. This relaxation massage uses a smooth, gentle flowing style while the heat of the stones aids in releasing tension and enhances skin hydration.
Cloud 9 60 min - $105
90 min - $146
For 2 in our Couple’s Suite - $210
Let’s face it, we could all do with a lot more TLC in our lives. Thankfully, this Relaxation Massage is perfect for facilitating just that. It’ll take your body to a better place with calming techniques. We’ll use a smooth, gentle flowing style on the body combined with a 20-minute reflexology-inspired foot massage to facilitate an improved night’s sleep—thanks to a calmed nervous system, a drop in cortisol levels (that’s the hormone created when you feel stress) and, muscles that feel looser and more relaxed.
Indian Head Massage15 min - $28
Add-On to any Massage, Body Treatment or Facial


For Elite Spa Therapists – Add 10% to the price of all Services.

For all Body Essentials, Skin Care Rituals and Registered Massage Therapy: Our therapists may be working on your scalp with essential oils. We recommend booking a shampoo and blow dry enhancement ($27) with these experiences.

All prices subject to change without notice. Management reserves all rights.